Transfer to Digital


Video tape to DVD (beta, vhs, hi8, dv tape, vhs-c)

Audio Cassette up to 80 minutes to CD/DVD or your Flash Drive/SD

Vinyl records

Prints up to 5"x7" digitized 1:1 at 300ppi

8"x10" Prints digitized 1:1 at 300ppi

Slides digitized to 5"x5" at 300ppi

Reel to reel audio tape

Disc to disc copies

Basic and deluxe info printed on CD or DVD with plastic case

Re-edit video tape

Additional copies $2 BASIC $4.00 PICTURE DISC


Basic $5 -$20 +2 hour based on length


$10.00 or your SD Card or flash drive

$0.50ea to disc, ($5.00 minumum)

$2.00ea to disc, ($5.00 minumum) Free estimate on larger prints

$0.50ea to disc, ($5.00 minimum)

$10.00 to CD or your flash drive
$20,00 we provide flash drive




$2/00 Basic, $4.00 Picture disc


Custom Videos For Your Website

Website video presentation 1 to 2 minutes with
music and voiceover narration/text options.



Image Restoration - Retouching - Alteration - Recovery
(See Two Example Prices Here)

Restoration of damaged or aged photos or alteration

Retouching of professional portraiture

Lost file recovery

$25.00/Hour, same size as original, (minimum $12.00/project) Free quote.

$25.00/Hour, same size as original, (minimum $12.00/project)  Free quote.

$20/SD card or flash drive to 4GB
Over 4GB recovery, $5/GB