Custom Website Videos - Tape & Film Digitizing - Photo Restoration & Retouching

White Lake Media, Muskegon County, MI

If you prefer to shop locally, we are here in West Michigan
No need to ship your valuable memories across the country.


Web Videos: We create, edit and post videos for your website for advertising, promotions,  local events, memorials and the results of your digital transfer of personal memories.



Digital Transfer Audio: reel to reel - cassette - records (Vinyl) - CD or DVD to mp3 or multi copies of CD's or DVD's.

Digital Transfer Video: 8mm film, super 8 film - VHS- VHSC- HI 8- DV- Transparencies (Sides),- negatives, SD to DVD or Flash Drive

Convert it all to a video for your website or Facebook page.

Tell us what format you need.


Photo Restoration, Retouching and Alteration:  Damaged and aged photos can usually be repaired. We restore images from a print or a scan. Improve the quality or alter them to suit and colorize a B&W picture. Did you accidentally erase your images? We may be able to recover them and charge only if successful. We quote every job. We welcome individuals, businesses & non-profits.


Due to the inherent variability of some of our projects you may wish to request a quote.